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Julian Assange’s Father Insists U.S. State Dept. Financing of Ukraine Blacklists ‘Absolutely Scandalous’ and Must Stop

Sept. 13, 2022 (EIRNS)—EIR’s Gerardo Castilleja raised the blacklist of Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation (CCD) and the Myrotvorets kill list at a public briefing organized for Julian Assange’s father and brother, John and Gabriel Shipton, at the Goethe Institute in Mexico City yesterday. Speaking as a representative of the Lyndon LaRouche movement in Mexico, Castilleja briefed the meeting on the Ukrainian government’s bare-faced attack on freedom of expression, with the CCD’s July 14th release of a list of the names of 72 diplomats, politicians, academics, and others, who don’t follow the narrative about Ukraine, calling them “information terrorists” and subject to treatment as “war criminals.” That Center is financed by the U.S. State Department, he emphasized. He raised the case of Russian journalist Darya Dugina being on the Myrotvorets list and then being “eliminated” by a car-bomb in Moscow on Aug. 20, and warned of “the fingering and elimination of journalists, all under the direction and financing of the State Department.”

John Shipton, clearly familiar with the Myrotvorets list, answered the “Lyndon LaRouche comment” briefly, but hard: “The Myrotvorets website is scandalous, absolutely scandalous, and the financing of that by the State Department is just, well, a disgrace. And the advocation of thuggish brutality against anyone who disagrees or comments upon Ukraine: It just has to stop. It’s a scandal.”

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