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Mexican Journalists’ Club Head Promotes Schiller Institute Conference

Sept. 13, 2022 (EIRNS)—Mexican Journalist Club (CPM) Secretary General Celeste Sáenz sent out four tweets on Sept. 12, each linking to a different panel of the Sept. 10-11 Schiller Institute conference, “Inspiring Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History” (in Spanish interpretation). She has over 21,000 followers, and Lyndon LaRouche’s picture is front and center as the graphic on each tweet.

The CPM is an institution associated with the nation’s nationalist current since its formation in 1952. Its founder—Antonio Sáenz de Miera, Celeste’s father—was a quite famous journalist who, among other things, served as press advisor to President José López Portillo, who after meeting privately with Lyndon LaRouche in May 1982, authorized his staff to organize a press conference for LaRouche at the Presidential residence Los Pinos. At the packed press conference LaRouche there issued a call for Ibero-America to join together to drop “the debt bomb” to defend Argentina from NATO’s first out-of-area deployment, known as the Malvinas War.

The CPM headquarters is a beautiful old Mexican building, granted them by President López Mateos (also a nationalist President) in the 1960s. The Mexican governments of the 1990s—i.e., the neoliberal regimes of Carlos Salinas and Ernesto Zedillo—tried to suppress the CPM by stealing its old colonial headquarters from it. The CPM’s then-President Antonio Sáenz de Miera, Celeste Sáenz, and the CPM’s current Executive Director Mouris Salloum George, succeeded in defeating that attempt to crush the institution. The CPM writes in its website’s history, that while they lost a lot of members over that fight, the institution “came out stronger” for it. The two living members of the team which chose to fight rather than submit to the tyranny of the treasonous neoliberal governments are still in charge.

How lawful it is that networks tracing their roots back to López Portillo’s fight for Mexican development are now helping make LaRouche’s voice heard loudly in Mexico again.

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