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Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow Will Be Forced To Respond, Should U.S. Supply Longer-Range Missiles to Kiev

Sept. 15, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova delivered a chilling warning from the Russian government to Washington’s arrogant hotheads, in her weekly press briefing today, according to TASS. The transcript of her response (in Russian) to a question on the Wall Street Journal coverage, is so far only posted to the Russian page of the ministry’s website.

TASS quoted her saying:

“Should Washington decide to supply longer-range missiles to Kiev, by doing so it will cross a red line and become a direct party to the conflict. Under such a scenario, we will be forced to respond appropriately. We reserve the right to defend our territory by all available means.

“Possible supplies of missiles to the Kiev regime are identical to a situation in which European countries might host U.S.-made ground-launched missiles, previously banned under the treaty on intermediate- and shorter-range missiles, capable of hitting targets on Russian territory.

“This is a situation in which we will be forced to respond adequately. I think this is obvious.”

Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov had conveyed the same message yesterday, in an interview with Russia’s RIA Novosti:

“Of particular concern is the fact that Ukraine has for many months been soliciting the supply of ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, which are designed to strike targets at a distance of up to 300 km. If Kiev receives such weapons, large Russian cities, as well as industrial and transport infrastructure facilities, will fall into the area of possible destruction.... See how many swastikas and Nazi symbols are on Ukrainian military equipment.... [I]f these warriors have long-range American missiles, they will use them without hesitation in our country. Such a scenario would mean direct involvement of the United States in a military confrontation with Russia.”

Let no one shrug off these statements. Russian officials have taken due public note for months that U.S. (and NATO and U.K.) officials are, in fact, running Ukraine’s war against Russian forces. These warnings, direct and concrete, are of a different character. No official response has yet been heard from the United States. Zakharova’s statement is, however, at least being reported by the media.

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