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It Will Be Known as the ‘LaRouche Century’

Sept. 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—The leaders of nine countries, representing around 25% of the GDP of the world with over half of the world’s population, finished the two-day annual conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the historic city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Their “Samarkand Declaration” delineates a non-aligned force in the world, alive and well, determined to forge a pathway out of the tired, geopolitical morass of the London-Washington dollarized system. The necessity for the large-scale infrastructure projects, centered around China’s Belt and Road, is never more apparent, given the induced breakdown of supply chains of food and energy. And the specific necessity of recruiting national currencies to settle trading accounts has been a feature of the bilateral meetings amongst the participating countries, and also of the final conference declaration. Importantly, the curtain is being pulled back on the Wizard of Oz.

The address of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin described the SCO as uniquely situated to handle the “fundamental and irreversible changes” in the world’s economics and politics. The SCO has “a considerable part of global natural resources” along with “a powerful intellectual and technological potential.” New “centers of power” are emerging, outside of the dollar-denominated world, capable of acting, not upon “some rules, which nobody has seen” being forced on them, but upon universally-recognized principles of the rule of international law and the UN Charter—that is, equal and indivisible security, “respect for each other’s sovereignty, national values and interest.” These principles “are devoid of all elements of egoism.”

Yet the SCO is officially only nine countries, centered around China, India and Russia. However, many countries take their measure of the events in Samarkand, finding the rekindled spirit of Bandung, of the Non-Aligned Movement, bringing back alive the hopes and dreams of a world where advanced countries and developing countries enjoy and benefit from each other’s strengths—rather than calculating how to take advantage of the weakness of one’s neighbor.

One would think September 16 witnessed an outbreak of common sense.

Yet, a deeply rooted insanity, a sort of “dance of St. Vitus” infection of the mind, spreads amongst some Western elites. For example, the kabuki theater performance by the IAEA’s Board, collectively voting away reality—finding that Russian security personnel at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant threaten a nuclear disaster, evidently because Kiev’s forces are induced to launch artillery shells at them—is just one clinical manifestation of the disease. Friedrich Schiller wrote of the disease in his Wilhelm Tell play, where subjects are to bow down to a hat on a stick on a lowly mountain pass, completing the induced mental slavery required by oligarchs.

The overt form of the mental disease is still the driving mania that the West’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia will militarily defeat Russia, isolating China, and breaking apart both countries. Or that, for the sake of another round, attempting to paper over a metastasized financial derivatives bubble, one can drive 7-8 billion people into abject poverty, disease and early death.

The spirit of the Non-Aligned Movement, now energized and oriented around the self-conscious strategic designs of a modern Gottfried Leibniz such as Lyndon LaRouche, is the actual “game-changer.” As Sergey Glazyev, of the Eurasian Economic Union, alluded to it, in his commemoration of the 100th birthday of Lyndon LaRouche, LaRouche’s genius, and unrelenting courage, looked the actual problems in the eye, summoned up the intellectual strength and vision to fashion solutions appropriate to the depth of the problem—and an outbreak of thinkers and leaders, having studied such solutions, are emboldened to fight for them. A real new world economic design—if not now, then when?

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