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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Speaks at UN on Ukraine Crisis, Insists Solution Requires Dialogue

Sept. 22, 2022 (EIRNS)—Speaking at the UN General Assembly debate, President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro had the following to say about the Ukraine situation:

“We defend an immediate ceasefire, the protection of civilians and noncombatants, the preservation of critical infrastructure to assist the population, and the maintenance of all channels of dialogue between the parties in conflict....

“...[W]e have tried to avoid the hampering of dialogue channels caused by the polarization around the conflict. In this regard, we are against diplomatic and economic isolation.”

He continued:

“We support all efforts to reduce the economic impacts of the crisis. But we do not believe that the best way is to adopt unilateral and selective sanctions, that are inconsistent with international law....

“The solution to the conflict in Ukraine will only be achieved through negotiation and dialogue.

“I make a plea to the parties, as well as to the entire international community: Do not miss any opportunity to end the conflict and ensure peace. The stability, security and prosperity of humankind are at serious risk if the conflict continues or spreads.”

Reading these remarks from Bolsonaro, the president of a BRICS nation, was a welcome relief after going through the speeches of such European authorities as Germany’s Olaf Scholz!

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