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Kremlin Affirms It Will Respond to Assault on New Territories Joining It as an Attack on Russia

Sept. 23, 2022 (EIRNS)—When asked today whether attempts by Ukraine to retake the territories of Donbass after those territories vote to become part of Russia, will be regarded as an attack on Russia, Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov (in Russian) was clear: “Certainly. Immediately, the Constitution of the Russian Federation will come into force in relation to these territories, where everything is very clearly stated on this score.” The relevant provisions of the Russian Constitution will be in effect from the moment the republics join Russia.

As for the timing of that process, Peskov said at his press briefing today that if the referenda in Donbass decide they should become part of Russia, the process of accession will take place quickly enough and in full accordance with Russian law. Both the Federal Assembly and the President have to accept the decision, and there is a series of procedures required for signing the necessary documents. Peskov acknowledged however, he was unsure how long the recognition process would take. “I’m actually convinced that it will be fast enough,” Peskov remarked.

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