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Indonesian Foreign Minister Urges a ‘New Paradigm for Peace’ in UNGA Address

Sept. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—In her very powerful address to the UN General Assembly debate on Sept. 26, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi urged “we need this new paradigm ... to reignite the spirit of peace.” She compared the international situation to the situation in Europe just before World War II, with the Great Depression, the rise of ultra-nationalism, competition over resources and rivalry between major powers. She warned that if the world remains on the present path, it could lead to a major conflict. She said: “I would like to offer you a world based on a new paradigm. A paradigm of win-win not of zero-sum. A paradigm of engagement not of containment. A paradigm of collaboration not of competition. This is the transformative solution that we need,” she stressed.

While she said, repeating herself twice, “The fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity are non-negotiable,” she elaborated “Meanwhile, peaceful solution is the only option to settle any conflicts. A habit of dialogue and cooperation would nurture strategic trust. These are the rules of the game that we must maintain if we truly want peace. It is our responsibility to apply them consistently, not selectively, or only when we see fit.”

She continued, explaining Jakarta’s policy:

“In many places, post-War regional architecture was built as a tool for containment and alienation. This phenomenon continues today with mini-lateral groupings. Many become part of a proxy war between major powers. This is not what regional architecture should be. It must serve as the building block for peace and stability rather than undermining them. ASEAN was built exactly for this purpose. We refuse to be a pawn in a new Cold War. Instead, we actively promote the paradigm of collaboration with all countries. This paradigm will also guide Indonesia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN next year.”

She further underlined Indonesia’s focus as this year’s G20 president: “The whole world is pinning their hope on G20 to be a catalyst of global economic recovery, especially for developing countries. G20 must not fail. We cannot let global recovery fall at the mercy of geopolitics. We must act urgently to address food and energy crises and prevent a fertilizer crisis from happening. Otherwise, billions more people would be at risk, particularly in developing countries.”

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