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Will There Be a Referendum on World War III?

Sept. 27, 2022 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche movement’s campaign to destroy the Goebbels terror operation—designed to prevent frank discussion of the causes and solutions to the extreme danger of nuclear war—took a step forward today with the launching of what will be a comprehensive web page devoted to abolishing the new Goebbels propaganda operation:

Consider the mounting danger:

Former Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski of Poland thanked the United States today for a series of explosions that have taken offline the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines from Russia to Europe, explosions that took place near the same area of the Baltic Sea that the U.S. ran experimental exercises with unmanned underwater vehicles in June.

This terrorist attack on infrastructure—likely conducted by the U.S. or Britain, or at least with their support—eliminates a significant driver for German-Russian rapprochement and further reduces the potential of the economies of Europe.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine has denied the appeal of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, chaired by Natalia Vitrenko, meaning it is another permanently banned political party in the Defender of Democracy, Ukraine.

Meanwhile, millions of people in Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson have voted overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation. These referenda, denounced as illegitimate shams by EU officials who never asked the European people whether they approve the sanctions against Russia that are ruining Europeans’ lives, raise a tension between the principles of sovereignty and self-determination.

The Tony Blair “responsibility to protect” doctrine was used to justify numerous violations of national sovereignty, but now the preference of those voting in the referenda to pursue their future with Russia rather than Ukraine is a travesty.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has it right in Hungary. He is calling for a national process of consultation, to ask the people of Hungary—who were never consulted by the Brussels leadership that has imposed sanctions that are devastating, not Russia, but Europe itself—whether they actually want those sanctions. Will the EU condemn the results of this consultation as a “sham”?

The United States is about to commit another $12 billion to Ukraine without any serious debate in Congress, and without regard to the actual priorities of the American people. And the similar amount of money stolen by the U.S. from Afghanistan is not being made available for the people of that nation to deliberate on either.

Will there be a referendum on World War III?

If so, it will be one in which you must demand that your vote be counted, by forcefully standing up for peace, and defeating the efforts to censor, terrify, or kill those who tell the truth: the truth that Ukraine is being used as a battleground by Anglo-U.S.-run NATO to destroy Russia, the truth that sanctions are destroying the world’s economy, the truth that green policies are intended to cause population reduction, the truth that polarizing domestic barriers can be broken down through a coincidence-of-opposites approach to organizing.

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