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Secretary Patrushev on Russian Security Council Says U.S. Trying to Revive Fascism in Europe

Oct. 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, during remarks to the Sept. 29 meeting of CIS foreign intelligence chiefs, charged that the U.S. is trying to revive fascism in Europe. “Attempts to revive fascism in Europe are an extremely dangerous threat from the arsenal of Western hybrid instruments. Such work has been carried out by Washington virtually since the end of World War II,” Patrushev said, reported TASS. In his opinion, “this is why the horrors and madness perpetrated by Ukrainian neo-Nazis are being carefully silenced by the Western media.”

“Moreover, they question the expediency of denazification in Ukraine, which has been turned by the Anglo-Saxons into the main global bridgehead of far-right extremism,” he continued. “However, there is no doubt that these artificially created neo-Nazi movements by the West will eventually meet the fate of their predecessors.”

Patrushev drew attention to the fact that “through the efforts of Washington and its henchmen, Ukraine, in fact, represents the largest black market for weapons.” He observed that “in this respect, the probability of weapons supplied to Kiev by the West falling into the hands of extremist and terrorist structures has increased dramatically, which requires increased joint efforts to uncover and suppress channels for their distribution from the territory of Ukraine.”

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