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And the Ears of the Deaf Be Unstopped

Oct. 3, 2022 (EIRNS)—The head of state of a major nuclear power identified, with a clear strategic grasp, the reasons for the seemingly inevitable worldwide military showdown—the neocolonial mindset that spent the last 30-50 years pretending that one could print pretend money and loot real wealth, without its ever coming back to bite them in the butt.

Now the hard part. When one pronounces the name “Vladimir Putin,” does your thinking apparatus freeze up? Does your mouth start regurgitating things that you could never prove, nor would you even have an inclination to try to prove?

The old joke was, from the Soviet days of Nikita Khrushchev, that the communist system could be proven superior because “We invented it first!” was claimed. However, in this case, long before Putin’s historic speech of September 30, an American, Lyndon LaRouche, “invented it first!” And his strategic foresight, along with his deep and abiding love for the real United States, designed and put on the table what the Chinese now refer to as “win-win” policies for both the more and less developed nations.

Does pronouncing “Lyndon LaRouche” provoke a similar problem? Perhaps this is not a coincidence. Perhaps it is time to take a sober look at what has gotten into your system, who put it there, and how did they do it?

The material in today’s EIR Daily Alert has some very apt tools. An American, Darren Beattie, actually read what Putin said and talked about it in public. He focused upon the psychological horror, of European leaders being fully aware that the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines was done by their supposed allies—and that state of mind only serves to deepen and reinforce their impotent, whining, whorish and servile status. And that Putin was absolutely correct in calling them out on this.

Caitlin Johnstone performed the useful task of calling out the silly lie people tell themselves, that the Russian military action into Ukraine was “unprovoked.” Are we supposed to pretend NATO has a reason to exist? Are we to look the other way at all the U.S. military bases around the world? Are we supposed to close our ears to clear warnings about Russia’s strategic concerns? But the point is that when people deliberately perform such damage upon their own mental capacities with this “unprovoked” mantra, they doom themselves to eternal warfare. Johnstone pleads to re-engage the mind, to think—but her plea needn’t be abstract. We’ve offered the link in our coverage to Putin’s historic speech from last week. Working through that is a pretty efficient way to re-engage thinking processes.

And on being able to pronounce “Putin” or “LaRouche” in public settings,” read Helga LaRouche’s strategic overview—and follow that with the exposure of the very real-time “CCD Hitlist.” It is because of the principles and fight of the LaRouche movement that the face of the enemy that has been engendering blind, paralyzing fear is within view. The courage to get up every morning with the intent, as Lyndon LaRouche used to put it, of using your mind as a boxer would use his fists, is within the capacity of every human being.

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