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British Empire Media Lead the Charge To Defend Democratic Party from Tulsi Gabbard

Oct. 12, 2022 (EIRNS)—Anglo-American intelligence circles are not amused that Tulsi Gabbard is using the widespread public attention she is getting for leaving the Democratic Party, as an opportunity to warn the American people that the world is on the brink of nuclear war, and it’s the U.S. political elite and military-industrial complex which are responsible.

Democratic Party hacks sneered that she wasn’t a Democrat anyway. Party “strategist” Max Burns retailed old smears that Gabbard is “cozy” with dictators, in an NBC opinion column, and lied that her charge that Democrats are “dragging us ever closer to nuclear war” was made with “vaulting hyperbole but no evidence.”

British networks went over the top. London’s liberal Independent newspaper rushed out an “exclusive” story today claiming “Tulsi Gabbard’s ties to secretive cult may explain her perplexing political journey.” The article, signed by correspondent Bevan Hurley, definitely qualifies as “vaulting hyperbole but no evidence.” Hurley labels her as a “darling of Russian propagandists and the American far-right,” who alleged “upbringing in an offshoot of the Hare Krishna movement with strict devotion to a secretive guru sheds light on her apparent fondness for Vladimir Putin.” You get the idea.

British intelligence stringer and former Conservative Party MP Louise Mensch has jumped into the fray, ranting in one tweet that American patriot Gabbard is “an out and out traitor, and a Russian asset. You are a disgrace to the uniform. You are unworthy to be a soldier. You are unworthy to be an American. Good riddance.”

Mensch won her first big journalist “name” with a campaign to discredit Edward Snowden and the Guardian for publishing his exposés; she was then notorious for her early role in spreading preposterous lies back in 2016 that Donald Trump was run by Russians; and she now specializes in running operations against anyone not giving 100% support for Ukraine’s war to the death against Russia, arguing as she tweeted a few days ago,

“it is the duty of civilized people to be Russophobic right now.” U.S.-Canadian war correspondent Eva Bartlett reported that Mensch had fingered her to Ukrainian special forces when she was in the Donbass in August, shortly before the Ukrainians bombed a hotel where foreign journalists were staying. Bartlett told the Schiller Institute’s Sept. 10-11 conference panel to “Defend the Right To Deliberate!”

that Mensch’s tweet had the tone that Bartlett should be “liquidated.”

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