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Fox News Hosts Underline Danger of Nuclear War, Highlight LaRouche Intervention

Oct. 13, 2022 (EIRNS)—Starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight, the confrontation of LaRouche activists with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), known as AOC, began radiating through major media in the U.S. Jesse Waters of Fox News hosted Tulsi Gabbard on his prime time show, opening the discussion with the video of Kynan Thistlethwaite and José Vega’s intervention shaming AOC. Waters ridiculed the congresswoman’s skirting the issue and her commitment to war.

Waters then asked Gabbard to chime in. She responded saying:

“I hope everyone was paying attention to what those two young men were saying, and paying attention to the pain and the anguish, and the fear and the concern that they were expressing to their representative in Congress. The fact that she was so dismissive of them really points to the bigger problem in Washington. One of the reasons that I left this Democratic Party of today is because they have become the party of war hawks. We are literally sitting on the precipice of nuclear disaster. You hear these young men saying ‘nothing else matters if we are all destroyed in a nuclear war,’ that President Biden and the Democratic leaders in Congress have led us into. And they are completely failing in their responsibility, the president’s foremost responsibility, to keep us safe, to keep us free.”

Waters then asked her if there are any in Congress on the left who are opposing the war. She answered, “no, not a single one.... These people are right. Where are the so-called progressives? Where are the peace champions, the AOCs, the Bernies, all the people who claim to be representing this movement? They’re absolutely silent, and they are the ones leading us into nuclear war.”  )

Then at 8:00, Tucker Carlson gave an extraordinarily strong statement on the issue of war and the absence of rational opposition to it in the U.S. He launched a full assault on AOC as a patchwork of media concoctions, while in actuality she was ushered in as a loyal establishment boot-licker. He quoted journalist Sameera Khan, a speaker at the Oct. 15 Schiller Institute conference, who pointed out AOC’s instantaneous abandonment of an anti-war stance back in 2018, and tweeted: “How long will we be moaning on and on about single-payer while there’s bipartisan support for nuclear Armageddon?”

Carlson then aired Thistlethwaite and Vegas’ intervention on AOC. Moving on, he said of the Ukraine conflict, that it quickly became clear what it really was about: a war against Russia, to destroy Russia. He tore into AOC as a fake and a fraud, pretending to be for the “working class” while her real constituency was NBC News and the establishment. He repeatedly referred to Thistlethwaite and Vegas’ intervention—“these are real progressives,” he said, while calling AOC a neocon and a fraud.

On Zelenskyy, Carlson displayed the comedian president demanding more money and weapons from the West. Then he retorted: “Some uppity foreigner in a t-shirt telling us he needs money for critical investments? Up yours buddy!”

More reports will likely follow of the radiating effects of our activity and speaking the truth, and of this intervention in particular. But what is clear is that a certain nerve has been struck in the last 24 hours, and various non-linear effects are underway.

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