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Ukraine’s ‘Disinformation’ Kill List Worries about a Breakout from the U.S. Population

Oct. 13, 2022 (EIRNS)—Ukraine’s notorious “Center for Countering Disinformation” (CCD), as it were, “gave away the ghost.” On Oct. 11, the CCD put out an article, “Elon Musk Is So Different: How the Narrative of the Main Inventor of the 21st Century Has Changed,” ostensibly about Musk’s Peace Initiative. And, of course, there, one finds out that Musk is an idiot who knows nothing about the realities of Ukraine and the dirty Russians. So, his completely unrealistic peace proposals—such as Ukraine being non-aligned or Ukraine not blocking the freshwater pipeline to Crimea—are ridiculed.

But then the posting takes a curious turn:

“Perhaps the most important factor in the issue of the publication of the author’s ‘peace plan’ of Elon Musk is the mid-term elections in the U.S.A.... And here the results of the survey on support for military aid to Ukraine are very interesting. For example, 50% of Republican supporters believe that U.S. military aid is excessive.... That is precisely why the ‘populists’ from Trump’s group, to which Musk actually belongs, paint a ‘peaceful way out of the war’ because their electoral supporters like such theses.... Therefore, one should not be surprised by Musk’s statements, since it is only a pursuit of electoral support....”

Thus, the CCD—the same that gained notoriety for its blacklist, threatening, in particular, activists and participants at Schiller Institute forums designed to create a “peaceful way out of the war”—worries that “50% of Republican” voters turn their backs on drinking the Kool-Aid of permanent war.

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