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U.S. Announces Another Ukraine Weapons Package, Worth $725 Million

Oct. 15, 2022 (EIRNS)—Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Oct. 14 that pursuant to the authority delegated to him by President Joe Biden, he was authorizing another drawdown of U.S. military stocks, worth $725 million, to send more weapons to Ukraine.

“In the wake of Russia’s brutal missile attacks on civilians across Ukraine, the mounting evidence of atrocities by Russia’s forces, and the firm and unequivocal rejection by 143 nations at the United Nations of Russia’s illegal attempted annexation of parts of Ukraine, the United States is offering additional military assistance to help Ukraine’s proud defenders protect their country,”

he pompously said. This drawdown, the 23rd since Biden has been President, will bring the total amount of U.S. military assistance provided to the Kiev regime, to $18.2 billion.

According to a Pentagon press release, the package includes additional ammunition for the HIMARS rocket launchers that the U.S. has already provided, 23,000 155mm artillery rounds plus 500 155mm precision guided rounds, anti-tank weapons, anti-radar missiles, vehicles, small arms and ammunition and medical supplies.

The Pentagon release also notes that yesterday’s announcement followed the convening of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Brussels on Oct. 13, at which several participating countries agreed to also send more weapons to Ukraine. This includes air defense systems from Germany and Spain, as well as cannon and rocket artillery, also from Germany.

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