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Just How Long Will Europe—and the U.S.—Keep Drinking London’s Kool Aid?

Oct. 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—Over the last decade, a combination of British geopolitics and wetworks succeeded in shutting down four out of six existing or planned Russian gas pipelines, which could today be exporting over 260 billion cubic meters per year of natural gas to Europe. Instead, less than 55 bcm are now flowing, and that largely through the TurkStream pipeline. The Presidents of Russia and Turkey met last week, and they announced their intention to build a second TurkStream pipeline, capable of pumping over 60 bcm per year, doubling the current capacity of exports to Europe. But will Europe cooperate with this policy?

Europe is currently facing a winter of cold and hunger, as prices for scarce energy double and triple before people’s eyes, all as a result of London-led policies of financial speculation, sanctions, and green medievalism. People in country after country are now taking to the streets in protest against this insanity. Will Europe, finally, stop drinking the Kool Aid of London’s deindustrialization and war policies?

And likewise, will Americans finally put an end to the psychotic nuclear chicken game that a London-led Washington and NATO insist on provoking with Russia and with China? Will we answer the call for a new international security architecture voiced today by Sun Yeli, Chinese spokesperson for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) now underway, who said: “We have never believed in the so-called ‘Thucydides trap,’ and oppose the logic that a strong country is bound to seek hegemony.... We believe that the people of China and the U.S. have the wisdom, opportunity and capability to find such a way to get along.”

At the Oct. 15 Schiller Institute conference “Build the New Paradigm, Defeat Green Fascism,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche put the task in focus for the largely youth participants in the following way:

“We are now at the point forecast by [Lyndon] LaRouche in 1971. The continuation on the monetarist road would necessarily lead to a new depression, a new fascism, and a new world war, unless one would establish a completely different economic world order. The majority of the world’s population is doing exactly that.”

She emphasized that we are up against “an international oligarchy which has driven this civilization to the edge of nuclear extinction,” but that

“we are in the early phase of a world revolution, where the largest part of the world population is already in the process of building a completely new economic system. Larger and larger segments of the population in Europe and the United States are revolting against the politics of an establishment which are destroying the material basis of existence for most people.”

Zepp-LaRouche stressed:

“I think one thing is obvious: If we can pull humanity back from the brink of the abyss of thermonuclear war, it will be the courageous activities of the international LaRouche youth movement that we are building which will play a major role.... So, let us create an international movement of world citizens, where you, the young people from all over the world, are taking the lead to be the ambassadors of this vision of a world which will be truly human.”

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