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Colonel Richard Black (ret.) on Russia’s Largest Radio Talk Show: Warning on Nuclear War Threat

Oct. 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—At 7:30 this morning in Moscow (04:30 UTC) former U.S. Army Col. Richard Black was the guest for 25 minutes on “Solovyov Live,” Russia’s major TV talk show, watched by millions. The interview began with Colonel Black discussing why there is a threat of nuclear war, with reference to former President Donald Trump, in his Oct. 9 rally in Mesa, Arizona, where he demanded negotiations with Russia and from former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (like Black, a combat veteran) on the elitist cabal of warmongers.

Later in the interview the colonel stated that he believes that the period between now and the U.S. midterm elections is one of the greatest dangers, citing the precedent of initiation and escalation of war and terrorism in attempts to influence the outcome of elections. In this regard he cited Bill Clinton’s 1999 attack on Serbia during the Lewinsky affair, the 9/11 attacks, and the 1933 Reichstag fire. He noted that the British and the CIA are adept at creating false-flag operations and went into some detail into the appearance of mass murders in Bucha, Ukraine.

We are in an era of politicians who seem oblivious to the threat of nuclear war, he said, contrasting it with his own experiences in Germany in 1984 and the sensitivity which was brought to bear by leaders on both sides in East and West Berlin to avoid any occasion of escalating conflict. The danger of proximity of borders leading to escalation, he reported, was one of the arguments put forward by President Vladimir Putin against NATO’s expansion closer and closer to Russia.

Host Vladimir Solovyov said that he was frightened by the current of unprecedented rhetoric blasting out of NATO, citing the characterization of President Putin as a legitimate military target and the description of Russia as a terrorist state. Colonel Black replied that in his view, one of the most dangerous aspects of the situation is the unwillingness of the NATO foreign policy establishment, which he described as an “echo chamber,” to ever allow the consideration of any alternative viewpoint. He referred back to his time in the Pentagon, when he could, and did, effectively oppose policy with which he disagreed. There is a “war of illusions,” he said, starting with the cultivated illusion that the Russian Federation is just a generic substitute for the Soviet Union, when actually they are dramatically different. He expressed the hope that the U.S. midterm elections would result in some kind of improvement, but stated that they would not dislodge the warhawks in both parties.

The interview went five minutes long, with Solovyov expressing the hope that Colonel Black could return. The interview is being posted on all the program’s social media outlets, in addition to the live stream.

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