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How Not To Choke on Your Words

Oct. 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—There’s no denying that it is a turbulent world. The twists and turns will leave the unprepared tossed aside. Witness, the vaunted “price cap” on Russian oil that U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell worked so hard to impose upon Europe and dictate to Russia. The EU drafters on the energy crisis apparently just walked away from imposing more sanctions, and acted—even in their awkward, still incompetent fashion—as if they were hearing crowds of citizens in the streets of France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy. The draft reads: “This is the moment to act, for this winter and beyond.... The current situation causes economic and social hardship, placing a heavy burden on citizens and on the economy.”

The proposals to be discussed at the European Council on Oct. 20-21—e.g., seeking long-term contracts to avoid the Netherlands’ spot market and such—were completely sensible years ago, but far short of what’s needed now. As Vladimir Putin has repeatedly offered: Just stop choking on your words and simply say, open the section of Nord Stream 2 that works—or expand orders through the underutilized TurkStream pipeline. But the phrase “price cap” has seemingly disappeared as fast as one can say, “OPEC has to increase production of oil,” or as fast as Britain’s Liz Truss can eat her words.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s discussion about the unrest in Europe with  ChinaPlus’s “World Today” broadcast made a similar point. The energy and food crisis is real. Western governments have failed to consider the general welfare of their populations, and their people have that palpable sense. There is no way out if governments don’t apply themselves to the unsolved financial crisis from 2008, if they don’t address solutions, and join with China and Russia in building a new economic system.

Russians heard former U.S. Army Col. Richard Black (ret.), an American making perfect sense about the danger of nuclear war, on the hugely popular Solovyov Live television show. U.S. Senate candidate Diane Sare has her rival, incumbent New York Sen. Chuck Schumer caught between a rock and a hard place, possibly creating the sort of catalyst for an ignored populace in the U.S. as Zepp-LaRouche indicated in Europe.

The most efficient pathway through this turbulent world begins with pronouncing the two words, “Lyndon LaRouche.” That is exactly what has been usefully put on the table for the breakout LaRouche youth movement, when the pathetic Ocasio-Cortez or the whining Ben Norton have their bluffs called. The true name of peace is economic development, and the name of economic development is Lyndon LaRouche.

Hold yourself accountable to think like a world leader, one who actually cares for the general welfare of the population, and the present twists and turns don’t have to toss you overboard.

Truth-seeking activity means never having to choke on your words.

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