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Phoenix Congressman Gosar Steps Up, Invites Putin and Zelenskyy To Hold Peace Talks in Arizona

Oct. 26, 2022 (EIRNS)—“If there is not one leader in our politics or our military who will attempt to end this war without unthinkable global death and destruction, then I must. This is my letter to Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, inviting them to Phoenix, Arizona to engage in peace talks,” Arizona’s Rep. Paul Gosar announced Oct. 25, Tuesday evening, in releasing that letter publicly on his Twitter site.

“Global political and military leadership refuse to even attempt to deescalate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Instead of engaging in peace talks, warmongers, neocons, and the Biden Regime seem hellbent on bringing a potential nuclear World War upon all of humanity,” he explained.

“Let us deescalate nuclear tensions, terminate this war, and end the death and destruction plaguing both nations. Peace must prevail.”

Gosar has voted against endless U.S. funding for arming Ukraine, with a handful of other Republican members of Congress. Recently, he has been warning of the danger of nuclear war. Here, he makes clear that because of that danger, he has decided he must act in a dramatic fashion which should spur others to join him.

His letter, addressed to both leaders, explains:

“I’m not a diplomat. I’m a mere member of the U.S. Congress. But I’ve seen enough death and destruction among your countries. It’s untenable. I’ve gone from troubled about the lack of peace efforts to now feeling compelled to act.”

The death and destruction caused by the war is bad enough, but the conflict is becoming

“draped with nuclear overtones ... this is no longer just a war between your nations. Months of escalation in weaponry and rhetoric endangers not just the citizens or your nations, but also the world....

“A pathway to peace is long overdue and I write to offer a means to pursue this important goal.... Inasmuch as I am a non-combatant peace activist, I have a recognized right, pursuant to the UN Peacemaker program to seek mediation through local efforts. I do so with the expectation of administrative and other support from the UN to set up the framework for peace talks.

“Peace must prevail but does not currently seem to be an option. Therefore, I’m inviting you both to Phoenix, Arizona where we can begin conversations to deescalate nuclear tensions, terminate the war, and end the death and destruction plaguing both your nations.”

Phoenix, he proposes, “is far enough away from the conflict, and away from the entities that are currently urging more war, to be a productive location.”

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