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Russian Ambassador Warns U.S. Troops Moving into Ukraine Would Bring ‘Catastrophic Consequences’

Oct. 26, 2022 (EIRNS)—Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov today delivered a chilling warning to the U.S. warhawks, in and out of the military, that are itching to move into Ukraine: “The direct involvement of the U.S. military in combat [in Ukraine] will lead to catastrophic consequences.”

CBS News had reported Oct. 21, that Commanders of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne division deployed in Romania three miles from the Ukrainian border “repeatedly” told its reporter that “if the fighting escalates or there’s any attack on NATO, they’re fully prepared to cross the border into Ukraine.”

Antonov issued his warning that U.S. officials must step back from the brink, in response to a request from Newsweek that he comment on the CBS story and the commanders’ statements. Newsweek reported his answer today, interwoven with other news.

Given its importance, we report here his answer from this afternoon in full as it was posted to the Russian Embassy’s Facebook page (in Russian):

“We have already officially drawn the attention of high-ranking American officials to the inadmissibility of the bravest statements of the U.S. military commanders. Washington is increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, turning the territory of the country into a battlefield with Russia. Despite local concerns and calls from a number of lawmakers—not only Republicans but Democrats—the Administration is pushing its line. The desire to inflict strategic defeat on our country is clearly stated in the recently published national security strategy.

“We do not intend to put up with the situation when military threats increase on the Russian borders. The direct involvement of the U.S. military in combat will lead to catastrophic consequences. I am convinced that further escalation of the situation is not in Washington’s best interests.

“Let me remind you that 60 years ago, at the most acute phase of the Caribbean crisis, our countries approached the ‘threshold’ of a devastating conflict, but at the last moment they managed to take a step back. Russian-American relations have hit the bottom again. It would be insane to push relations between the major nuclear powers further down.

“While it is difficult to predict today how far the U.S. is willing to go in escalation with us, there is hope that the White House and the Pentagon are still able to stop the dangerous trait.”

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