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Legislators of the World, Unite! The Only Way Forward Is Upwards

Oct. 28, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Second Seminar of current and former legislators of the world deliberated today on the path forward for the nations of the world, out of nuclear confrontation, and toward the sort of mature relations amongst nations, as co-host Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, put it, “so that every country realizes its potential.” Her co-host, former Mexican Congresswoman Maria de los Angeles Huerta, spoke from the Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress, from where the seminar was transmitted. Her proposal for the establishment of a global network of “legislators for peace” catalyzed a new level of responsibilities of these former and current national legislators to, as Schiller would put it, go beyond their destinies, in taking on international responsibilities.

In the deliberations, the profound danger of nuclear war was not ignored; rather, it raised the standard required of the participants going forward. One proposal envisioned the necessity of such organizations as the BRICS, ASEAN, the SCO, EAEU, and CELAC rising to the occasion to build an alternative UN, a UN2, with the realistic goal, as Zepp-LaRouche described it, to “overcome poverty for everyone, and organize affairs so that every country realizes its potential.” If present structures were systematically falling short, the idea was to address what was necessary to succeed.

RT, with 30,000 viewers, live-streamed the entire conference. Much was accomplished since the First Seminar only three weeks earlier. Much more needs to be hammered together for the Third Seminar, planned for November 22.

It is hard to overstate the unique effect for legislators from various countries hearing and seeing two genuine American leaders, New York U.S. Senatorial candidate Diane Sare and former Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black, committed to Make America Good Again—living, breathing Americans of the type that the world had once come to love and admire, when the word “America” was a beautiful sound to the downtrodden and oppressed. What will be the effect on the organizing for the Third Seminar, of Sare’s intervention into the U.S. election over the next twelve days?

Also today, the Valdai Discussion Club met near Moscow, where Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was both brutally candid and fundamentally optimistic, about the greed-obsessed insanity behind the nuclear brinkmanship, but also the fruitful prospects of a multipolar world, with unrealized potentials of countries brought into play. Even the West, Putin offered, would benefit from re-connecting with their creativity!

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