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Jimmy Dore Thanks the LaRouche Activists for Calling Out Obama on Nuclear War

Nov. 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—LaRouche activists Anastasia and Stewart Battle intervened on former President Barack Obama at a Democratic campaign rally in Detroit on Oct. 29. The Battles shouted from the audience challenging Obama for his role in running the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine and his policy of escalating tensions against Russia that has led to the present danger of nuclear warfare. That intervention has been spread widely through social media and print media, seen by millions.

Jimmy Dore, an activist comedian who discusses current political and strategic events, dedicated 15 minutes of his show to the intervention on Obama by the Battles.

Dore opened his show saying, “So, Barack Obama got heckled over the Democrats’ war mongering, and his war mongering. So, you know Barack Obama took us from two wars to seven; Barack Obama dropped more bombs than George Bush; Barack Obama presided over the invasion and bombing of Libya and turning it into a failed state, with open slave markets—they did that with NATO. He also occupied Afghanistan....”

Following that apt description of Obama’s presidency, Dore showed a screen shot of José Vega’s posting of the Battles’ intervention, reporting that Vega had earlier intervened on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her support for nuclear war, and said that the Battles showed up to call out “bloodthirsty Obama” for his role in instigating the conflict in Ukraine.

Dore laid into Obama for his calls for civility after the Battles intervened, reminding the audience that Obama is one of the most powerful people in the world, and is still considered the leader of the Democratic Party:

“So, these are people protesting one of the most powerful men in the world about nuclear war—this is not the same thing as interrupting someone at work—you fucking piece of shit on purpose.”

Chiding Obama for saying “come on” and calling for dialogue in response to the Battles’ disdain for civility, Dore laid into Obama again:

“But we’re not in a middle of a conversation—you’re giving a bullshit propaganda-filled fucking political rally, and someone’s gonna protest it—that’s what the United States is built on ... we’re going into a nuclear war—we’ve got to have manners?”

Dore then turned his attention to the Detroit audience, who had tried to shut the Battles down.

“Somebody had the courage to advocate for no nuclear war with Russia, and the crowd responded by chanting ‘Obama’? Imagine having your head shoved so far up your favorite politician’s asshole that you would turn on a person who is against nuclear war?”

Dore ended with an ironic discussion about those who want to dismiss LaRouche for not being with the in-crowd, quoting Frederick Douglass, saying, “I will unite with anyone to do good, and with no one to do bad...” adding, “I’ll unite with anyone to stop a nuclear war.

“Thank you to the Battles for doing that.”

Perhaps playing coy, Dore asked, “Isn’t there an antiwar candidate in New York running against Schumer?” Dore’s co-host responded that it was Diane Sare (LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. Senate in New York). “She’s antiwar,” Dore said. “Maybe we should give her a voice.”

Yes, Mr. Dore, you should.

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