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Jackson Hinkle Stream Centers on LaRouche: ‘He Was Right’

Nov. 1, 2022 (EIRNS)—A video clip of Lyndon LaRouche greeted viewers tuning in to The Dive with Jackson Hinkle today, which was titled “He Was Right.” Hinkle talked about his experience speaking at the Schiller Institute conference on Oct. 15 and gave a short biography of LaRouche:

“Lyndon LaRouche, for those of you who don’t know him, was a great visionary, ran for president, a great thinker,” said Hinkle. “He was involved in many presidential administrations, both Democratic and Republican, in advising them on complex foreign policy matters. He envisioned a world in which ... we would, as humans, tap into our unlimited potentiality for growth, and creativity, and build a brighter future by working with the economic powerhouses of the world, the commodities producers of the world, to produce a more prosperous environment for all.

“He wrote many books; you guys should check them out. A good one to start off on, I think, would be There Are No Limits To Growth. It’s a great book.”

Hinkle then played and commented on a clip from the campaign speech LaRouche gave in Billerica, Massachusetts on January 14, 2000.

Lyndon LaRouche:

“This financial system, this monetary system, this crazy thing that was started in 1971 with Nixon and the floating-exchange-rate system, this is about to come to an end, one way or another.

“We’re in a time in which the people who represent money, big money, are hysterical. Their plans are not to have Wall Street go up forever; you’ve got people who have bought into what they call ‘income streams’—people who have bought up raw materials, especially through London. The mega-mergers are grabs. They take all the money in sight, and they’ll never pay the bills.”

Hinkle brought up the Great Reset as the implementation of what LaRouche warned would be the approach of the oligarchy. LaRouche insists that nations cannot rebuild alone, says Hinkle, who points to the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization as groupings that have learned that lesson.

Through LaRouche’s efforts, “solutions have already been presented,” says Hinkle. “He got a lot right.”

If the West wants to make it through the coming decades, it must work with the other nations of the world, including Russia, China, India, and Saudi Arabia, and not treat them as subordinates, but as partners in building prosperity for the world.

There was a grouping in the Trump campaign that had an anti-China outlook, Hinkle reported, adding that the LaRouche movement had a different view: of working with the Belt and Road Initiative. Roger Stone was of that view, but the Trump grouping largely went with the anti-China line.

What becomes of the U.S. if we treat everyone as the enemy? We will become the enemy! To avoid that, “let’s work with global powers and carry the message of people such as LaRouche who saw the light and understood what the solutions to our complex issues in the world are, as we move into this new era—multipolarity,” he concludes.

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