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Russian UN Diplomat to American People, Instead of War, Let’s Discuss Our Common Future

Nov. 7, 2022 (EIRNS)—The more Americans who think about the message of Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy in his Nov. 3 appearance on popular podcaster Terra Reade’s show “The Politics of Survival,” the better. Russia does not want nuclear war, he made clear; it wants to cooperate on an equal basis with the United States and the rest of the world in advancing humanity’s common future. Asking “what is at stake?” he answers:

“I think our common future is at stake. The future of the United States is at stake as well. Nobody wants the United States to crumble, nobody wants the United States to disappear. No, we’re very friendly, but we really want the United States to engage in discussing these issues, engaging in true international cooperation and not exploitation. We want the United States to stop playing the role of world policeman, because nobody charged the United States to be world policeman, but the United States still wants to keep this role. And NATO is also a threat to Russia, to China, to many others.”

He argued:

“There shouldn’t be any doubt in the fact that nobody in Russia wants a nuclear war—be it a ‘limited’ nuclear war or a ‘non-limited’ nuclear war. We understand where it can lead. We have no illusions that this would be devastating for everybody. So, if somebody starts this, it will not be Russia. But of course, if somebody starts it against Russia, according to our nuclear doctrine, we will have to retaliate. And that’s the only possible scenario. There were repeatedly speculations about Russia contemplating using tactical nuclear weapons, which were denied at all levels, including by our President and we were citing our nuclear doctrine which implies only retaliatory strikes or in situations when there is an existential threat for our country. These are the only scenarios for using nuclear weapons. And we will stick to this.

“As for multipolar versus unipolar ... It’s really ridiculous to see how the United States and its allies are trying to preserve its superiority and to remain on top of the world, denying everybody else in Africa and Latin America, in Asia, the right to develop the way they want and to have their own share of prosperity and resources. Of course this system should change and it’s inevitable. If the United States sticks to this Pax Americana, it will be a tragedy for everybody because everybody understands that this world is a thing of the past. We need to go somewhere else.

“Our position is that there is a multipolar world coming. We see several poles apart from the United States and ourselves. We see China, India, we see Brazil, and many other countries. It’s not that this is a selective club, it’s the reality, the objective reality that decisions in the world should be taken in this college of countries that have influence, and have resources, and have capacities to influence real international processes. In many ways the United States no longer has these capacities, these responsibilities, and this is a fact of life, whether they like it in Washington or not. And the sooner people and politicians in Western countries recognize this the better for everybody....

“So we need to do something about this concept of the bloc, of military blocs, which was supposed to be transformed after the end of the Cold War.... But this never happened. It remains as military blocs, and of course, military blocs will provoke military action, military counteraction....

“What’s my message to the Americans who are watching your show? ... We need to come back to this understanding that there are no winners and no losers in the Cold War, that this is our common world, and that countries should be equal and they should cooperate on equal basis and equal footing.”

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