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Jakarta Post Editorial Urges Western Leaders, Don’t Quarrel at G20

Nov. 14, 2022 (EIRNS)—The G20 this week is going to be an interesting event given the tensions playing out in the world. Unlike the G7, the G20 is made up of a large diversity of countries, many of which do not agree with the “bloc” politics of Western nations. An editorial in Indonesia’s Jakarta Post on Nov. 7 made some pointed remarks about this week’s meeting.

Titled “G20 Leaders, Please Don’t Come to Bali Just To Quarrel,” it starts off by quoting Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi saying that this G20 will be one of, “ ‘if not the most difficult’ [G20 meetings]. The world is now on the brink of economic, military and security disasters and World War III is on our doorsteps,” they write, and go on to list the dangers around Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, and Ukraine, as well the “soaring” inflation and gas shortages pushing many in the world into starvation.

“If the leaders, or some of them, are not willing or are unable to work together to address the world’s economic and security conundrum, at least they can lower their ego so as not to worsen the suffering of many people across the globe.” Then with a direct jab at the Western nations, the editorial continues: “For the Group of Seven leaders, please enjoy the peaceful ambience of Bali and the beautiful minds of the population there to reverse their long-standing belief they can do no wrong and therefore can force their will against smaller or poorer nations. Remember when world peace collapses, even super-rich nations will suffer.”

China’s Global Times on Nov. 13 referenced that editorial and elaborated on it in their own piece from their editorial board. They titled it “Anyone Who Deviates from G20 Theme Will Be Booed.” Of note, their emphasis was on the central role of the G20, which comprises 85% of the global economy, and that the world is looking to the G20 leaders to make fundamental progress on issues that actually matter for mankind.

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