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Xi to Bali Summit, Urges Working Together for Win-Win Solutions

Nov. 16, 2022 (EIRNS)—President Xi Jinping addressed the gathered leaders at the G20 Summit on Nov. 15, reiterating some of the principles he had outlined in his comments to U.S. President Joe Biden the day before. He called for more global efforts to support and assist developing countries and ensure that the benefits be shared by all across the globe, saying, “Development is real only when all countries develop together.”

Stressing that the root cause of the ongoing crises is not production or demand, but interrupted supply chains and international cooperation, Xi suggested that the global community enhance cooperation on market supervision and regulation, build partnerships on commodities, develop an open, stable and sustainable commodities market, and work together to unclog supply chains and stabilize market prices.

“I always believe that the G20 should stay committed to its founding purpose of unity and cooperation, carry forward the spirit of solidarity, and uphold the principle of consensus,” he said, pointing out that “only solidarity and common development is the right choice to make.”

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