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Russian Diplomat Warns Against Deepening U.S. Involvement in Ukraine

Nov. 18, 2022 (EIRNS)—In a Nov. 17 interview with RTVI (Russian Television International) yesterday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned the U.S. against getting too involved in Ukraine. “The United States is getting increasingly involved in this situation, and I think they have determined that they may do so, in terms of their support for Kiev, even though they did not intend to do so before,” he said, reported TASS. “We are warning lest the developments [in Ukraine] spiral into a situation where the U.S. would become part of a hot conflict.”

According to Ryabkov, Moscow believes that, hopefully, “those who have been recklessly and irresponsibly continuing the policy of pumping Kiev with the latest weapons and other forms of assistance will have some common sense.”

In fact, Ryabkov continued, Russian military planners are taking account of U.S. involvement in Ukraine in their planning. “In our approach, including our military planning, we proceed from this new role of the United States [in the conflict in Ukraine],” he said. Ryabkov believes it would be correct “to continue to adhere to a policy of not informing anyone in advance about our plans in the military field.”

“I am referring to our real adversary, a powerful opponent, in this particular case, the United States,” he stressed.

Ryabkov also blasted the U.S. for accusing Russia of intending to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. “We have repeatedly stressed the fundamental principle of Russia’s position: the use of nuclear weapons will be possible in just two situations—when an attack is being carried out against us or our allies with nuclear or other types of weapons of mass destruction or when an act of aggression with conventional weapons has taken place against Russia and the situation has reached a point where the very existence of our state is in danger,” he said.

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