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Ritter Demonstrates, No Way Missile Strike in Poland Was an Accident

Nov. 19, 2022 (EIRNS)—Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, in an article headlined, “A False Flag over Poland?” on his “Scott Ritter Extra” website, argued that there is no way that the Ukrainian missile could have been fired towards Poland by accident on Nov. 15. Ritter makes the point that Russian missiles are fired on targets in Ukraine in a generally east-to-west direction, while Ukrainian air defenses are generally oriented in a west-to-east direction. “In short—a Ukrainian S-300 would be launched in a direction which is pretty much 180 degrees away from the path flown by the missile that hit Poland,” he says.

Against the argument that the missile malfunctioned, Ritter points out: “For the Ukrainian S-300 missile to have reached Poland, it would have required a fully functioning aerodynamic control system. In short, the missile did not malfunction.” Finally, an S-300 missile can be fired in a surface-to-surface mode but it requires the radar to be oriented in that direction, in this case, in a direction towards Poland. He concludes: “In short, the Ukrainian S-300 which landed on Poland was not the result of an accident, but rather a deliberate action designed to have the missile impact Polish soil.”

What this all adds up to in Ritter’s view is a false-flag incident involving the Ukrainian military command, Polish officials and the Baltic states to provoke a direct NATO conflict with Russia.

“Let there be no doubt—any direct NATO-Russian military confrontation over Poland has the real potential to devolve into a general nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia. Anyone in Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltics who are involved in a conspiracy to drag NATO into the Ukraine conflict by promoting a false-flag attack represents a direct threat against every human being on the planet.”

“The U.S. and its more responsible NATO partners need to get to the bottom of what transpired regarding the Ukrainian S-300 attack on Poland. Any failure to identify this false-flag conspiracy, if it in fact exists, and to nip it in the bud, only raises the real probability that those involved in such a conspiracy will try again, and again, until they fulfill their suicidal objective of a NATO-Russian conflict.”

The Russians are of a similar mind regarding the push for a NATO-Russian conflict. Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov, in comments to Newsweek yesterday, accused Kiev of trying to bring NATO directly into the war: “The Ukrainian authorities are not only begging Washington to provide more military assistance,” Antonov said, “but are also trying to provoke a direct military clash between the Russian Federation and NATO.”

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