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Ritter to Germans: Do You Really Want To Die for NATO?

Nov. 19, 2022 (EIRNS)—Scott Ritter took no prisoners. In a 15-minute interview on Germany’s Gegenpol video weekly, “In the Eye of Big Brother,” Ritter got in the face of Germans. Blunt, mocking, humorous and occasionally loving, the video needs to be watched.

However, in his various responses to questions, samples of what he laid out include:

Fighting Russians is not so smart. How’s that been working for Germany the last century? You’ll lose again. You have no troops to put on the ground. But you think NATO has your back? Laughable. They have nothing for you but a march toward nuclear annihilation.

Germans—study your history. Back 30-40 years ago, Germans were smart to keep nuclear weapons off their land. Also courageous enough to take to the streets. Now, Germans are sheep. Your politicians will sacrifice you for NATO.

Germany—you only exist because of the U.S. and because of cheap Russian gas. Germans work hard? Sure. But without cheap Russian energy, German industry would not have happened. Germany must start reflecting on the reality of its situation. NATO and G7 are worthless. Germany can be great again, but not as a nation of sheep, bleating “Baa, Baa...”

One could only wish that interventions upon alcoholics and drug addicts were as well composed—and that every nation could have their cobwebs cleared out so efficiently.

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