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U.S. Defense Secretary Austin Claims Ukraine Bombing Poland Is Putin’s Recklessness

Nov. 20, 2022 (EIRNS)—This year’s Halifax International Security Forum yesterday was the scene for U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to pretend that the Nov. 15 performance by Zelenskyy—lying that its missile attack upon Poland was from Russia and recklessly agitating for an emergency NATO engagement—wasn’t what you saw.

Austin was full of platitudes, but the salient point of his Halifax forum remarks reads: “The outcome of the war in Ukraine will help determine the course of global security in this young century. And those of us in North America don’t have the option of sitting this one out. ... And the tragic and troubling explosion in Poland this week reminded the whole world of the recklessness of Putin’s war of choice.”

Austin’s only reference to the Ukrainian missile killing two Poles, and Zelenskyy’s attempt to hype that into World War III, is that, apparently, Zelenskyy’s reckless escapade is also Putin’s fault. Such idiocies have the effect of the Defense Secretary telling his boss, the President, “Don’t oppose Zelenskyy the next time he pulls such a stunt.”

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