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It’s NATO’s War Against Russia in Ukraine

Nov. 25, 2022 (EIRNS)—It’s a NATO war against Russia. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, during her regular press briefing yesterday, said that, indeed, there’s a growing body of evidence to indicate that that is the case. “The Ukrainian army has long been completely dependent on Western arms supplies, on their intelligence, instructors and mercenaries. It is simply a tool,” she said, reported TASS, “More and more facts are surfacing that indicate that there is a confrontation between Russia and NATO in Ukraine. More and more military experts from alliance countries are fighting in a dozen private military companies and the Ukrainian armed forces.” Zelenskyy, she said, “is ready to sacrifice the lives and fates of his citizens, as long as the financial and military aid, without which the Kiev authorities would not last a day, continues.”

Furthermore, Zakharova continued, everything that is happening is also “a cover for the White House’s financial machinations.” She did not elaborate on what those financial machinations were, adding instead that, “In order to drag NATO further into the conflict, so that even more money and opportunities are allocated and presented, the Zelenskyy regime is deliberately going for dangerous provocations, for extremism, introducing more and more elements of terrorist activity into its actions.”

Meanwhile, Poland, which is already embarked on a huge military buildup of its own, is begging for even more U.S. troops. Poland already has the U.S. Fifth Corps, two air bases, and thousands of U.S. troops in the southeast of the country, but “it’s obviously not enough for us,” said Polish Ambassador to the U.S. Marek Magierowski, in a Nov. 23 Polish TV interview. “We would like to have as many soldiers as possible, because we realize how huge an importance in terms of deterrence the physical presence of American soldiers has in this or any other NATO country,” he explained.

In his view, “we should also remember that we’re striving to strengthen the defense capabilities of all eastern flank countries. I’m deeply convinced that these countries are most exposed to Russia’s aggressive posture in the coming years,” he argued.

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