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Italian Economist Geraci Recommends To Solve Migration from Africa via European Cooperation with China

Aug. 7, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Michele Geraci, (in Italian)former Undersecretary of State in the Italian Ministry of Economics (and who addressed the July 8-9 Schiller Institute conference in Strasbourg, France) has written a tweet, saying: “The migrant crisis in Europe will not be solved by the distribution of arrivals these months. Already 100,000 seems like a lot, but it is nothing compared to the flows that will arrive in the coming years when Africa’s population will grow from the current 1.5 billion to 4 billion....

“Income differential(s), (and) political and social instability in some African countries exacerbates the situation. The different ethnicities and difficulties of integration into different social systems combined with the intensity of expected flows will make the process unmanageable. Insisting on “distribution in Europe” does not address the real problem; in fact, it gives the illusion of having solved it, exacerbating it.

“The #ViaDellaSeta [Belt and Road Initiative/New Silk Road] and cooperation in Africa with those who are already there with heavy investment (#China), is one of the few ways to solve the real problem at its root. But other infrastructure and transportation development initiatives are also welcome; indeed, there is so much to do in Africa that there is room for everyone.

“However, China does, (and) has already ... invested hundreds of billions, I repeat, hundreds of billions since 10 years ago, while the EU Plan, the #GlobalGateway is zero. Words. With words you don’t solve problems. Believe me.

“If you really want to stop the flow of #migrants from #Africa, then the question for #Meloni whether or not to stay in the #ViaDellaSeta is a foregone conclusion....

“PS: Already the fact Italy’s entry into the Silk Road has been criticized by some members of competing governments in Europe, journalists etc., should be indicative that Italy has done well.”

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