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Putin Presents ‘Principles Underlying the New International Order’

Oct. 8, 2023, (EIRNS)—Fyodor Lukyanov, Research Director of the Valdai International Discussion Club, and moderator of the Oct. 5 dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the closing, plenary session of the Valdai meeting, began the Q&A session with Putin by stating: “Mr. President, thank you very much for such a detailed presentation of these general issues, conceptual issues. Indeed, many—at the Valdai Club and elsewhere—have been trying to comprehend the framework that will replace the one that no longer works, but so far, we have not been very successful. We know what is no longer there, but we don’t know what will come to replace it. I think the points you just made are the first attempt to at least clearly outline the principles.”

Lukyanov’s comment was on the mark. Although much of the media coverage of Putin’s Valdai presentation focused on his important comments restating Russia’s nuclear doctrine, his discussion of new weapons systems being put in place, and of the economic and political collapse of the trans-Atlantic world order, the weightier section of his opening remarks was dedicated to his vision of what the New Paradigm must look like. “The issue is much broader and more fundamental and is about the principles underlying the new international order,” Putin stated, and continued:

“Nobody should betray their civilization. This is the path towards universal chaos; it is unnatural and, I would say, disgusting. For our part, we have always tried and continue to try to offer solutions that consider the interests of all sides.... The civilizational approach confronts these trends because it is based on the fundamental, long-term interests of states and peoples, interests that are dictated not by the current ideological situation, but by the entire historical experience and legacy of the past, on which the idea of a harmonious future rests.

“If everyone were guided by this, there would be far fewer conflicts in the world, I believe, and the approaches to resolving them would become much more rational, because all civilizations would respect each other, as I said, and would not try to change anyone based on their own notions.”

Putin went on to present the understanding that needs to be achieved:

“First. We want to live in an open, interconnected world, where no one will ever try to put artificial barriers in the way of people’s communication, their creative fulfilment and prosperity. We need to strive to create an obstacle-free environment.

“Second. We want the world’s diversity to be preserved and serve as the foundation for universal development. It should be prohibited to impose on any country or people how they should live and how they should feel. Only true cultural and civilizational diversity will ensure peoples’ wellbeing and a balance of interests.

“Third, Russia stands for maximum representation. No one has the right or ability to rule the world for others and on behalf of others....

“Fourth, Russia stands for universal security and lasting peace built on respect for the interests of everyone: from large countries to small ones. The main thing is to free international relations from the bloc approach and the legacy of the colonial era and the Cold War. We have been saying for decades that security is indivisible, and that it is impossible to ensure the security of some at the expense of the security of others. Indeed, harmony in this area can be achieved. You just need to put aside haughtiness and arrogance and stop looking at others as second-class partners or outcasts or savages.

“Fifth, we stand for justice for all. The era of exploitation, as I said twice, is in the past.... Everyone should be given access to the benefits of today’s world, and attempts to limit it for any country or people should be considered an act of aggression.

“Sixth, we stand for equality, for the diverse potential of all countries....

“These are the principles that we would like to follow and that we invite all of our friends and colleagues to join. Russia was, is and will be one of the foundations of this new world system, ready for constructive interaction with everyone who strives for peace and prosperity, but ready for tough opposition against those who profess the principles of dictatorship and violence. We believe that pragmatism and common sense will prevail, and a multipolar world will be established.”

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