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Bolton Lays Out British-American Plan for War in Asia

Jan. 4, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—A nasty rumor is circulating in Washington that the thoroughly detestable neocon John Bolton—Trump’s National Security Adviser in 2018-2019—is threatening to run for President in 2024, claiming he may be the only person capable of defeating Trump within the Republican Party. Be that as it may, Bolton did write an op-ed in the Jan. 2 London Daily Telegraph, in which he drenched Japan with effusive praise for their new security and defense doctrine.

Bolton further addressed all the things that Washington and London have to do, as a special relationship, to achieve victory over Russia.

“If Washington and London don’t get Ukraine right over the next 12 months, the negative consequences will be felt far beyond the present battleground. It will be all downhill in dealing with China, Iran, North Korea and others who will see anything less than an unambiguous victory for Kiev as evidencing Western weakness, which they will not hesitate to exploit.”

Progress has been made in smashing Russia, he reported. Thanks to “substantial weapons and intelligence assistance, especially by London, Washington, and Eastern Europe’s stalwarts; and the appallingly poor performance by Russia’s forces—land, air, and sea—the war is now at a stalemate.” But those who repeat “pro-Russian” propaganda in the West have to be silenced. Sounding for all the world like a CCD printout, Bolton included Macron’s comment that “one of the essential points we must address, as President Putin has always said, is the fear that NATO comes right up to its doors.” That, Bolton explains, “has long been a Kremlin talking point. There is, of course, no evidence that Ukraine ever constituted a threat to Russian security, or that NATO has ever been anything but a defensive alliance.” He also suggested that Turkiye should be thrown out of NATO unless it breaks its ties with Russia.

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