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To Survive, Agapē Must Become the Reason of the Age

Jan. 20, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Under what circumstances can the deliberations of the upcoming Feb. 4 Schiller Institute conference, “The Age of Reason or the Annihilation of Humanity?” address what seem, to most nations and institutions, to be an insoluble conflict that must, whatever the protests to the contrary, lead to total self-destruction of the human race in war? Should the Anglosphere continue to attempt to define “military victory in Ukraine” as of “existential significance” to its imperial (and already doomed) future, then there is no way that thermonuclear war will in fact be avoided. Deciding to insist on the militarily impossible, is a decision to not merely risk, but to fight, whether by accident or design, end-of-civilization warfare.

At the same time, there is, in fact, no “geopolitical middle ground,” no “meeting half-way” that can work either. Without addressing the underlying problem, how is the impending conflict with China to be avoided? What about the destabilizations of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru? What about the U. S. orchestrated death camps in Haiti?

There, indeed, must be a total defeat, but of a far different type: a defeat for the Satanic image of humanity that is seen in the effect, one year after, of war-by-sanction on the dying population of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is now undergoing a depopulation, through cold and famine, brought about by the very same view of mankind that inspired the sanctions policies presently used against Russia. The difference is that Russia has a relatively self-sufficient, full-set economy that could resist. And remember: “shock therapy” policies were used to depopulate Russia throughout the 1990s, with absolute reductions of 1 million Russians per year. Never again!

Helga Zepp-LaRouche said in a special video feature for CGTN on Jan. 18: “At this point, the trust between the West and Russia and China is at an historic low point.... Therefore, a great vision is required on how a solution can be put on the table which addresses all the major problems together, such as a new, just world economic order based on such concepts as the (Xi Jinping) Global Security Initiative in combination with the Global Development Initiative. I think that we have reached a point in the history of mankind where we really must get serious about the international order of relations among nations, and how we can organize them in such a way that we can self-govern as a species which is gifted with creative reason.”

How, however, can you activate creative reason to the effect of changing the policy of governments bent on self-destruction? Wasn’t that the problem of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other “cities of the plain?” Though the American republic has a unique Constitution and unique powers of self-government, what if the people are, or believe themselves to be morally unfit to survive?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s statement, “Man’s hankering for the demonic, is always disturbed by his longing for the divine” reveals something deeper; it was touched on, but only partially captured by the idea of what writer Vaclav Havel termed “The Power of the Powerless.” Far from powerless, that power, natural, unalienable and readily available to and for all people, is actually the greatest force in the universe. What is that power?

In an unpublished 1987 essay, “Agapē in Musical Education,” Lyndon LaRouche discussed how the principle of Agapē—love of mankind as a single species, and of the individual as the necessary and essential “microcosmic” manifestation of that changing, evolving species—is the unique “genius” potentially available to all members of the human race. The form in which that power is most readily made available as a social policy, to the greatest number of people, is through the practice and teaching of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and Gottfried Leibniz’s invention of the science of physical economy. LaRouche said, “The immediate prompting of this, is the reaction to discussions of the subject of Agapē which occurred in the practical context of treating educational policy, during the (1988 LaRouche Presidential) campaign meeting in Des Moines.

“It was clear to me, in watching the shifting moods among those assembled, that the question of Agapē not only can be practically situated in terms of economic-recovery tasks, but that there can be no effective presentation of this without reference to Agapē, either by that name, or to equivalent effect.” [Emphasis in original.]

Dr. King had infuriated the 1960s Anglo-American establishment by asserting that “budgets are moral documents,” and that the obscene expenditures on war are, more than ever in the thermonuclear age, naked indictments of “man’s inhumanity to man.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s reference this week to the “golden billion” depopulation scheme makes clear that the policies of NATO are increasingly inhuman, and reminiscent of 1930s “universal fascism,” spawning administrative entities eerily reminiscent of the Allgemeine SS. “The signing of the Joint Declaration on EU-NATO Cooperation on January 10 was the high point of this process, something that has been in the making for several years. It states explicitly that the alliance and the EU’s goal is to use all political, economic and military means in the interests of the golden billion. This is exactly what it says: in the interests of the 1 billion residents of NATO and the EU countries. The rest of the world, to quote High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, is a ‘jungle’ that stifles progress in ‘the garden’ and must, therefore, be reformatted....”

The Schiller Institute’s conference, in contrast, will point out, that the Earth, and the universe need more people. No one else on the planet is presently prepared to not only say that, but to prove it. That commitment to an Earth of several tens of billions of people, living far better, with far more resources than at any time in history, is the motivating content that imbues the LaRouche ideas of potential relative population density, energy density, energy flux-density, capital intensity, labor productivity, and other essential ideas.

LaRouche’s science of physical economy, also expressed by him as the underlying science of Christian economy, is the higher hypothesis that we must bring, through the Ten Principles of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, to our unique support for the Papal initiative for negotiations. These are negotiations for an end, not to the non-existent Ukraine/Russia conflict, and not even to the very real NATO/Russia conflict, but to the conflict within what was once Western civilization with itself. Economist Sergei Glazyev’s recognition of the moral character of LaRouche’s scientific efforts in the field of physical economy is one reason to be optimistic as to why such negotiations could succeed, should the Malthusian agenda behind the British-induced self-destruction of the United States be effectively exposed. It is from the universal principle of Agapē, as expressed in the idea, “for the benefit of the other,” that any discussion of any particular economic policy must proceed.

We close with Principle Four of the Ten Principles for a New International Security and Development Architecture.

“Since mankind is the only creative species known so far in the universe, and given the fact that human creativity is the only source of wealth through the potentially limitless discovery of new universal principles, one of the main aims of the new International Security and Development Architecture must be providing access to universal education for every child and adult person living. The true nature of man is to become a beautiful soul, as Friedrich Schiller discusses this, and the only person who can fulfill that condition is the genius.”

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