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Ramstein Fails To Provide Tanks to Ukraine, but London’s Nuclear War Drive Continues

Jan. 21, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—“Here we have a serious delusion problem: a persistent, false psychotic belief that is being kept despite indisputable evidence of the contrary.”

That was the blunt assessment of Italian economist Michele Geraci on Friday, after seeing the latest European Commission proclamation that its sanctions against Russia have succeeded in “crippling” Russia’s ability to finance the war, a claim which Geraci succinctly demonstrated to be completely false.

Geraci hit the nail on the head. The entire gamut of policies—economic, political, and definitely military—which the so-called “Western” powers insist the world must follow, are delusional, based on “a persistent, false psychotic belief … despite indisputable evidence of the contrary.” A growing number of citizens suffering under those policies in the West are also coming around to Geraci’s view.

If you think our governments and policymakers have gone mad, they have—and it’s high time we follow Geraci’s example and say so!

Take the crisis most citizens do not wish to face, but must: the immediate, frighteningly-near danger of a nuclear war. Last May, a top British military policymaker, Malcolm Chalmers from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) wrote a publicly available policy paper arguing that provoking a “Cuban missile crisis on steroids” with Russia over a Ukrainian attempt to seize Crimea, may be the best option to force Russia to capitulate. Chalmers admitted that “it would be a moment of extreme peril,” but wrote that “a nuclear crisis of this sort could make it easier for leaders to make difficult compromises.” Insanity! But he was not fired; he’s still number two at the monarchy’s leading military policy institute, and his policy remains in place.

Over the past ten days, the British Establishment launched a drumbeat that the West must supply sufficient heavy tanks and weaponry to Ukraine so that its military can head for Crimea. The line this time is that the West should not worry about how Russia will respond to Ukraine getting all the military equipment it needs, because Putin has not launched any nukes yet, despite the West crossing Russia’s red lines one by one.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the man personally responsible for sabotaging the peace deal reached by Ukraine and Russia in March 2022 which could have ended this war almost a year ago, gave a resounding demonstration of this insanity in action, in a wild-eyed interview Jan. 18 to Ukraine’s European Pravda outlet. He assured Ukraine that it will receive all the equipment it needs to win, because no negotiation is possible with Putin, none! The argument that tanks or aircraft should not be given to Ukraine because it “will lead to escalation … is false,” he blustered. A “nuclear strike is simply not going to happen.” Ah, but if Russia did use a nuclear weapon, “the West, I’m afraid, will be obliged to launch retaliatory action of one kind or another.” 

Britain’s “retake Crimea” strategy, which some in Washington are “warming to” as the New York Times insists, has not been taken off the table, but cracks in the consensus that Ukraine must be given everything it needs to win on the battlefield, are growing. Retired German generals are speaking out louder than before. Millions took to the streets in multiple cities across France to express their opposition to policies on the economic front which are as delusional, as psychotic, as the military policies that have brought us to the brink of nuclear war.

The Schiller Institute is calling on all citizens, from around the world, to join forces to replace these dangerously “psychotic” policies, which have no relationship to reality, with new ones, befitting of human beings. Every sane, thinking person everywhere should plan to attend the Institute’s Feb. 4 international, online conference which will discuss how we ensure that an “Age of Reason” replaces the otherwise ensured “annihilation of humanity” under psychotic policies. The invitation gives hope:

“It should be clear to any sane person: global war will be nuclear and that will be the end of civilization. So, it is completely insane to plan for it. And to deny the countries of the Global South access to cooperation with the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative), which is, for the first time, giving hope to the developing sector to overcome poverty and underdevelopment, is outright evil.

“It is therefore more urgent than ever to find forces for peace in all countries of the world, who understand that we need to move to a new paradigm in international relations…. We have to discuss the principles upon which the future order of humanity can be built, in order to be able to self-govern ourselves. The future world order must guarantee the life and creative potential of every person on the planet, and therefore must eliminate hunger, poverty, and underdevelopment.”

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