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Rep. Gosar Argues, Zelenskyy’s Ukraine Is a Nazi ‘Rogue Country,’ Not Deserving a Penny of U.S. Support

Jan. 15, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Arizona’s Republican Congressman Paul Gosar today shredded the entire narrative justifying the U.S./NATO “proxy” war against Russia, using a corrupt government installed by a CIA coup in 2014 which has banned Christianity and opposition parties and deploys a military force “comprised of Nazis who have pledged allegiance to Hitlerism,” and endangering the country. These pointed remarks (along with some silliness on the issue of immigration) were made in the weekly email Gosar sent out today, in which he counterattacked the various lies being thrown against him. The key section of Lie 3 reads as follows:

“Lie 3: I am Putin ‘apologist.’

“Truth. I have no opinion about Russian President Putin. I don’t follow him in the media, I’ve never been to Russia and I know very little about Russia. Neither do my colleagues in Washington, D.C. for that matter, but it doesn’t stop them from spouting off.

“I have been clear for a year. I oppose spending even one of your tax dollars to protect Ukraine borders while we are overrun with over five million illegal aliens invading our unsecured border in just two years....

“Protecting our sovereignty is job one for any legitimate government. Our government is a complete failure. I also object to supporting Ukraine for these reasons:

“It is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Its bribery of the Biden crime family is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Zelenskyy has banned Christianity.

“Zelenskyy has banned opposition parties.

“Ukraine has a large military force comprised of Nazis who have pledged allegiance to Hitlerism. This is not hyperbole.

“Zelenskyy is not a legitimate president. He was installed via a CIA led coup in 2014 under the criminal actions of the Obama regime and agitator Victoria Nuland using George Soros money and tax money.

“This rogue country does not deserve a single cent from us. And we have no business running a proxy war that endangers us unnecessarily.”

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