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Shoigu Announces Increase in Russian Army from 1.15 to 1.5 Million Troops

Jan. 18, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—According to an official statement issued today, “the Minister of Defense of Russia has hosted a session with the deputy defense ministers, branch commanders-in-chief, and commanders on the implementation of the Russian President’s decision to build up the Armed Forces to 1.5 million troops.” The “large-scale changes of the Armed Forces’ structure” are detailed in the Comprehensive Build-Up Plan of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and will involve “building the infrastructure for deploying troops (forces), the terms of supplying armament, military and special hardware, and materiel within the state defense order.” Shoigu continued: “The provision of military security of the country, the protection of the new regions and crucial facilities of the Russian Federation can be guaranteed only by reinforcing the elements of the Armed Forces.”

He then detailed that there would be two new territorial formations in the Moscow and Leningrad military districts, “as well as self-contained groups of forces in the new regions of the Russian Federation,” i.e., the territories annexed from Ukraine. An army corps will also be established in Karelia (on the border with Finland), and they will “reinforce the combat element of the Navy, Aerospace Forces, and Strategic Missile Forces.” Shoigu further said that all new units will be provided with armament and hardware, as well as training.

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