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Freeland Tells Davos, War Is Needed to Boost the Global Economy

Jan. 21, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Canada Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland made clear the policy of the warmongering maniacs among the World Economic Forum billionaires at Davos, in a round table discussion, at which she said that the Ukraine war against Russia is needed to boost the global economy.

“It is not about doing Ukraine a favor. What we are talking about, by supplying Ukraine with weapons, as President Zelenskyy very crucially pointed out, supplying Ukraine with the money it needs to win the war, it is ultimately in our own self-interest. So, I am a Finance Minister and if you were to say to me, what is the one thing that G7 finance ministers, the G7 governments this year could do, that is absolutely in our power? Right? We don’t control Covid, we don’t control global supply chains, we don’t control whether there will be immaculate disinflation, or not. One thing where we have real practical levers is, we can help Ukraine win, clearly, definitely. If we do that, if that happens this year—you know what is going to be like for you? There will be a huge boost to the global economy. So, I do think Ukraine is going to win….”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (in Russian) could not let this monstrosity go unnoted, countering on her Telegram account: "Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s deputy prime minister and finance minister, is openly saying that they need a victory over Russia for economic recovery.

“The granddaughter of the ‘Melnykovist’ from the OUN-UPA, who in recent years has repeatedly reminded herself (in russian) of herself by open support for the Nazis in Ukraine and Russophobic statements, said this on January 18 during a discussion panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos: ‘And if we achieve that, if it happens this year, and you know it as well as I do, Fareed [panel moderator Fareed Zakaria], it will be a huge stimulus for the global economy. So I really think that Ukraine will win.’

“Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland has stated publicly that Russia’s defeat ‘would be a huge boost to the global economy.’ This is a 21st century war for resources, plain and simple.”

Freeland’s material grandfather Mykhailo Khomiak, aka Michael Chomiak, was exposed in a Feb. 27, 2017 Consortium News feature as the Ukrainian exile editor of a pro-Nazi newspaper Krakivski Visti, in Kraków, Poland. The newspaper, press, and buildings were expropriated from the publisher of the Polish-language Jewish newspaper Nowy Dziennik. Khomiak moved into the Jewish publisher’s apartment. The Jewish publisher died in Belzec. Krakivski Visti included in an editorial for Hitler’s 51st birthday, “The Ukrainian population were overjoyed to see the establishment of fair German authority,” and threw flowers at Nazi troops. In its Nov. 6, 1941 issue, the daily waxed eloquent over Jew free Kiev: “There is not a single one left in Kiev today, while there were 350,000 under the Bolsheviks,” saying of the Babi Yar massacre that Kiev’s Jews had got their “comeuppance.”

On Dec. 10, 2019, a national Canadian media outfit, Global News, covered a report from the Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE), labelled “Secret: Canadian Eyes Only,” that Russia was engaged in a cyber attack on Canada, that targeted political figures, most notably Chrystia Freeland as “cyber influence activity to cause reputational damage.” The CSE report said cyber campaign directed by Russia “pushed the narrative to suggest that Freeland’s family immigrated to Canada as part of a wave of Nazi-collaborators,” and named the February 2017 article in Consortium News as the first such attack. CSE is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency or Britain’s GCHQ. Consortium News is suing Global News and the CSE for libel in a Virginia court.

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