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Chomsky Warns, Doomsday Clock Moving Closer to Midnight

Jan. 22, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Noam Chomsky, the liberal icon and noted linguist, gave an interview to RT’s “Going Underground” on Jan. 21. RT reported that Chomsky warned, “in recent years the Doomsday Clock, which reflects how close humanity is to Armageddon, has moved closer to midnight, which symbolizes the extinction of humanity. He suggested that in several days it could be set even closer to this mark.”

He outlined the three factors threatening mankind today: “an increasing threat of nuclear war”; “a very severe and growing threat of destruction of climate”; and “the deterioration of an arena of rational serious debate and deliberation” combined with “the collapse of democratic forces” around the world.

He emphasized that reviving rational debate and deliberation was the only hope of addressing the danger of nuclear war.

RT quotes him, “All three [factors] have gotten considerably worse during the past year, and unless there’s a sharp reversal, we’ll simply be heading for a precipice, falling over, irreversible, and not in the long distant future.”

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