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Pentagon Plans House Speaker McCarthy’s Trip to Taiwan

Jan. 24, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Fox News reports today that the “U.S. military is drafting plans to ensure House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s safety on a trip to Taiwan later this year,” expected to occur sometime this spring. McCarthy would follow in the goosesteps of his predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, who descended on Taiwan on Aug. 3, 2022. McCarthy’s office did not respond to a request from Fox News for confirmation of the trip.

China has been clear in their view that the trip by Pelosi was a major provocation, and a Jan. 17 article in China Daily notes that a visit by McCarthy would be a “shock” to U.S.-China relations. “If McCarthy does visit Taiwan in 2023 or parts of the Taiwan Policy Act make its way into policy formula, China-U.S. relations will witness another shock comparable to or even worse than that in August 2022 when Pelosi visited Taiwan,” the daily said.

The British-directed neocons within the United States have made clear that the destruction of China is required to fulfill their fleeting imperial fantasies, and perhaps this trip is being prepared to provoke China, considering the failures of their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. However, sustained provocations against both Russia and China only put humanity closer to the brink of thermonuclear annihilation, or the collapse of Global NATO, which is increasingly recognized by a growing majority of leadership within nations. Meanwhile, the new system represented by the BRICS-Plus and China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to gather momentum, only fueling the desperation of the British.

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