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Brazil’s President Lula Proposes a Group of Nations Join Together To Foster Russia-Ukraine Peace

Jan. 31, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Brazilian President Lula da Silva proposed in a Jan. 30 joint press conference in Brasilia with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, that a group of nations come forward together help Russia and Ukraine find a path towards peace.

Lula insisted, forcefully, in answer to two separate questions, that the world needs peace. His proposal, which he said he had discussed with Scholz and with France’s Emmanuel Macron, and intends to discuss with others, is, that in the same way that the G20 was formed in 2008 to find a way to get out of the financial crisis, now a group of nations could be formed to discuss how to find peace between Russia and Ukraine. East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta, when he met with Lula on Jan. 2, the day after Lula’s inauguration, had proposed to the Brazilian President that he convene a group of nations from the Global South, which together could host peace talks for this conflict. Ramos-Horta reported that Lula said he would consider it. He has now acted.

Lula urged, we need

“a club of people who want to achieve peace on the planet.... My suggestion is that we create a group of countries, who sit down at the table with Ukraine and Russia to try to find peace. To try to reach an end to the war.... What we have to do is form a group strong enough to be respected at a negotiating table—and sit down with both sides,”

Lula told the press on Jan. 30, with the stone-faced German Chancellor listening. “A G20 to deal with the question of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.... Because these are the kinds of things that, once started, no one knows how to stop.”

He specified that

“Brazil is ready to make a contribution. I believe China can make an important contribution. I think India can play an important role. I think Indonesia can play an important role.... What we have to do is form a group strong enough to be respected at a negotiating table—and sit down with both sides.”

Lula made clear that he believes China has an “extremely” important role to play in such talks, which he said he wants to discuss with President Xi Jinping when he goes to China, probably in March.

As for the German Chancellor’s “request” that Brazil sell tank ammunition to Germany, to be then sent to Ukraine, President Lula delivered a categorical “no”:

“Brazil has made the decision to not send ammunition. Brazil has no interest in sending munitions for it to be used in the war between Ukraine and Russia.... Brazil does not want to have any participation, even indirect,” because at this moment, we should be looking for who can help to find peace between Russia and Ukraine. So far, “the word peace is very little used.”

Despite lying press stories to the contrary, Lula did not hold Russia solely responsible for that war. He called Russia’s military operation an invasion and a “classic error,” but, what he actually said about what caused the war was so pointed that most media have censored it completely.

Lula reported that he had reminded Scholz about the Iraq War, in which the invasion of that country was based on a lie. The Brazilian ambassador, who headed the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the time said that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, Lula pointed out. “Bush knew there were no WMD, but preferred war. Saddam was hanged, and no WMD were ever found.” He said he believes the reason for the war between Ukraine and Russia must be made clearer—whether it’s caused by NATO, or territory, or entry into the EU, Lula went on. The world does not have much information.

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