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The Atlanticist Miscalculation That Will Lead Us to World War III

Feb. 1, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The warmonger faction is insisting that Russia will never wage a nuclear war and therefore the West should give Kiev all the weapons it needs, including fighter jets. This narrative was peddled for instance by Christoph Heusgen, chairman of the Munich Security Conference, and Neue Zürcher Zeitung Editor-in-Chief Eric Gujer, reflecting a line cooked up in think tanks in Washington or London. This insane idea of “boiling the Russian frog” is exactly the miscalculation that can lead us to World War III.

Christoph Heusgen is the embodiment of the saying “more Catholic than the Pope.” Whereas Biden said “no F-16,” Heusgen said he is in favor of sending fighter jets to Kiev on the ARD television “Europamagazin” program on Jan. 29: “I believe that the supply of fighter jets is adequate to better protect Ukraine against Russian attacks.” Heusgen also said that Russia will never use nuclear weapons, in order not to lose support from its ally China.

Heusgen started his career as an advisor to EU Special Representative for Foreign Policy Javier Solana and, together with notorious Empire propagandist Robert Cooper (“the EU is a liberal empire”), drafted the EU Foreign and Strategy Policy that paved the way for EU/NATO enlargement. After serving long years as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s advisor, he was briefly German ambassador at the UN, and became chairman of the Munich Security Conference in December 2021.

Eric Gujer, editor-in-chief of Neue Zürcher Zeitung and member of the American Enterprise Institute, foamed at what he called Chancellor Scholz’s Jan. 27 article “Farewell to the ‘Turning Point’ ” (in German) (referring to Scholz’s announcement of the Zeitenwende, which he defined as an “epochal tectonic shift” in Foreign Affairs).

“Charade” and “Kindergarten” is what Scholz staged on the Leopard issue, Gujer wrote, hiding himself behind a U.S. decision to send Abrams tanks (Biden as well, hiding behind the technicalities). Scholz lost face as he eventually had to give up. But Scholz “does not open all his arsenals because many among his voters are united by strong anti-Americanism with unreflected pacifism and a romanticized idea of Russia. In those circles, they became obsessed and panicked about a coming Third World War. German inclination to political romantics finds its crystallizing point in fear for nuclear war.”

He goes on to elaborate Putin’s alleged fear to confront NATO. Even Leopard tanks won’t be a red line for him and he won’t take “Vergeltung” (vengeance). At the end, Berlin demonstrated that it still needs the U.S. to hold its hand and “the Zeitenwende is just empty political words and nothing more.”

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