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Japan and U.S. Reportedly Talking about Stationing Long-Range Missiles on Kyushu

Feb. 7. 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—According to a Feb. 5 report published by Reuters based on a story run in Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, Washington has suggested deploying medium-range missiles in Japan as part of a plan to ostensibly bolster defenses against China along the East and South China Seas. The deployment of U.S. forces in Japan may include long-range hypersonic weapons and Tomahawks, the newspaper reported, adding, without citing sources, that Tokyo is poised to start serious discussion toward accepting the deployment. Japan’s southern island of Kyushu is mooted as one possible location for these missiles.

China took notice. Chinese military analysts warn that the plan poses a serious threat to regional countries, including China, North Korea, and Russia, Global Times responded in a Feb. 6. article headlined: “China Could ‘Make Strategic Response’ If U.S. Deploys Medium-range Missiles in Japan.”

Song Zhongping, a well-known Chinese military expert and TV commentator, told Global Times that if the plan is eventually carried out, it means that the U.S. intends to further damage regional peace and security, and is actually planning military interventions to disrupt China’s reunification process in the future. “New deployment of U.S. missiles in Japan will not only pose a threat to China, but also to North Korea and Russia in the region. China is right to take strategic action to respond if such a provocative and dangerous act is made by the U.S.,” Song stated.

While Washington intends to deploy new weapons for U.S. forces in Japan, Tokyo is also planning to purchase Tomahawk missiles from the U.S. and is developing its own hypersonic missiles, according to media reports, Global Times adds. It reflects the U.S. and Japan’s obvious scheme to militarily contain China, and their intention to interfere in the Taiwan question by force, analysts said.

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