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Former British Diplomat Craig Murray Explains How the Nord Stream ‘Big Lie’ Works

Feb. 12, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—In the article, “Sy Hersh and the Way We Live Now,” former U.K. diplomat, author, and human rights activist Craig Murray writes on his website that, even though Seymour Hersh digs into the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines with “forensic detail, giving dates, times, method and military units involved,” the legacy media simply ignore such a huge story. Rather, we are to believe that the Russians blew up their own pipeline. And this provokes Murray to examine how the Big Lie works. “The secret is not that people genuinely believe an outrageous claim.” The problem is that they genuinely believe, smugly and unquestioning, that they are fighting evil. “Don’t question, just follow. If you do question, you are promoting evil.”

The ridiculous narratives of today, of Russia blowing up its pipeline, or shelling their own forces at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, or of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, don’t win people over based upon their narrative. Rather, “all right-thinking people support the historic struggle against the evil Russians, so it must be right to read out the propaganda without thinking too much about it.”

Otherwise Murray is incensed at how quickly the U.S. Constitution is trashed. A major part of Hersh’s account concerns “the series of decisions taken to avoid classification of the operation in various ways which would require it to be reported to Congress.” Hence, we are staring at an act of war by the Executive branch, deliberately going around Congress and its constitutional war powers.

Otherwise, Murray adds that the Norway/U.S. team that Hersh shows had carried out the sabotage are from the same two countries that have profited the most from taking out the Russian supplier to Europe of natural gas. Hence, “Sy Hersh and the Way We Live Now.”

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