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Rallies for Peace in More Than 100 German Cities on Feb. 25

Feb. 17, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—EMMA, the magazine founded and run by “Peace Manifesto” co-initiator Alice Schwarzer, announced yesterday that on Feb. 25, along with the main peace rally in Berlin, there will be actions in over 100 German cities. Headlined, “Rebellion for Peace: Come with Me!” she lists all the major events from Feb. 18 at the Munich Security Conference to the Feb. 25 peace rally in Berlin, where they ask participants to bring a white flag with the letter “F” for Friedensverhandlungen—“peace negotiations”—on it. Every rally mentioned includes its online information.

Her article also informs its readers about the Feb. 19 Lincoln Memorial rally: “And in Washington too, a large protest is planned, organized by a large coalition. On Feb. 19, a large rally should take place at the Lincoln Memorial—where also the legendary rallies against the Vietnam War took place—with the title ‘Rage against the War Mashine’ [sic], followed by a march to the White House.”

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