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Nearly Unanimous Support for War with Russia and China at Munich Security Conference, and Yet...

Feb. 20, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris used her Munich Security Conference speech to accuse Russia of “crimes against humanity.” Secretary of State Tony Blinken growled that China had better not support Russia, or else. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called openly for a NATO two-front war, by pronouncing that “What is happening in Europe today could happen in Asia tomorrow.” In fact the only sane speech in the entire conference was that of Chinese top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi.

And yet, London and Washington Establishment policymakers left Munich deeply uneasy over their situation. A lengthy article in yesterday’s Politico reports that “one can’t help but notice [at Munich] more than a hint of foreboding just beneath the surface.... The only people smiling at this year’s security conference are the defense contractors. Arms sales are booming by all accounts.”

For starters, in Ukraine “the country’s armed forces are running low on ammunition, equipment and even men.” Then, “both sides of the Atlantic fear that Russia is finding its footing, [and that] Ukraine may be overmatched in certain parts of the east and south, and the West’s pipeline of weapons will slow to a trickle.”

The admit to Putin’s relative strength: “Putin shows no signs of wavering.... Putin feels confident he can wait for an inevitable break in Western resistance.... Facing little domestic pressure to end the war, Putin is operating as if he can outlast the Western alliance.”

On top of that, “recent polling suggests that American voters’ willingness to send arms and weapons to Kyiv has slipped.... There is a small, yet growing, faction within House Republicans questioning the need to fund Ukraine.”

Politico then reports: “The White House has also told Zelenskyy’s team, per multiple officials, to prepare for the offensive now, as weapons and aid from Washington and Europe flow freely, for fear that backing from Ukraine’s European neighbors could be finite.”

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