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Lively Peace Demonstrations in Rome—Two Rallies

Feb. 25, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Two peace demonstrations took place in Rome today, reflecting divisions within the anti-war camp. Whereas the first one, organized by Democrazia Sovrana e Popolare called for an end to sanctions and high energy bills, the second one, a torchlight vigil organized by the Europe for Peace network, demanded a ceasefire now and negotiations. Participating were more mainstream groups such as Rete Italiana Disarmo, and the CGIL union. The poster on the podium of the demonstration said, “Immediate Ceasefire” and “Europe for Peace.”

It is notable that the Sant’ Egidio Community (close to the Pope) joined in, as it also did at the rally in Brussels. A Vatican News broadcast today said that more people came out in Rome than were expected, demanding a ceasefire now and negotiations. The torchlight rally brought out 1,000 people, according to police, who marched through the Fori Imperiali to the Colosseum, which was illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag for war anniversary.

Sant’Egidio head Andrea Riccardi (in Italian) gave an interview to Fanpage.it on Feb. 23, focussing on the role the Pope can play as peace mediator. Riccardi said that the war in Ukraine is becoming eternal, and the Pope could play an important mediation role to at least obtain a ceasefire. “He has the authority and ability to do so.”

Among the speakers at the Rome peace demonstration today organized by Democrazia Sovrana e Popolare, as a result of the efforts of the Schiller Institute representative there, was former Prosecutor Antonio Ingroia. He had sent a message to the Feb. 19 “Rage Against the War Machine” demonstration in Washington. He has also spoken at two Schiller Institute international conferences in recent months. While at the rally today, the Schiller Institute local Rome organizer briefed a grateful Ingroia on the latest updates from the Berlin rally, via the Schiller Institute crossfire network.

Among the slogans on the podium: ‘Save Italy, No to Sanctions, No to Weapons, No to High Energy Bills.”

The Rome crowd was very lively, and whistled in disgust every time German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s name was mentioned. (Any politician with half the wits getting such a reaction at a major demonstration might resign, but it is presumed that she is too stupid to get the point, and too corrupt to act upon it, regardless of whether it’s in Italy or Germany.)

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