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Europe ‘No to NATO’ Rallies Mark New Take-Off Toward the ‘Age of Reason’

Feb. 25, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The rallies across Europe this weekend show the “No to NATO” movement has taken off. The Berlin rally in the forefront of the action had an estimated 50,000 demonstrators, in a spirit described as “like 1989.” Large or small, rallies in other cities across Europe show the same attitude, a breakout of leadership and commitment, potentially toward a new world paradigm of peace through development. Focus, collaboration and education in the methodology and knowledge provided as “political economy” by Lyndon LaRouche, can see this miracle come into being.

Alongside the manifestation of citizens taking responsibility in the Trans-Atlantic, key actions show leadership initiatives in the Global South.

First reports from the Group of 20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in India, this year’s chair nation of the G20, whose two-day conference ended today, show that the attempt by the NATO/G7 alignment to demand a line-up denouncing Russia, could not take place. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his opening speech in Bengaluru yesterday, said the focus must be on doing everything in the way of food, energy, industry, water, health care and the rest for “those most vulnerable” around the world. He did not mention Ukraine in a way to allow it to be used as a diversion. Today, the closing joint G20 document, likewise, did not have a denunciation of Russia.

In the coming week, on March 1-2 India will host the G20 Foreign Ministers in New Delhi. Already, it has been announced that Brazil’s Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira plans to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang on the new China 12-point peace talks proposal and President Lula’s peace initiative, to begin to form and deploy momentum to end the Global NATO operation in Ukraine.

In line with this, the offer of Pope Francis to make the Vatican the venue for peace talks over Ukraine, received new impetus, when the Sant’ Egidio Community in Rome, very close to the Vatican, held a vigil today, alongside the No to NATO rally in Rome. These instances all mark tectonic shifts in institutions, forming the basis for the new architecture internationally to bring about economic development and world security. Indications of the shift abound in the early reports of today’s rallies.

On the eve of the Berlin demonstration, co-organizer Sahra Wagenknecht tweeted, (in German) “China’s 12-point plan can become a prelude to negotiations on ceasefire & peace. It would be irresponsible to squander this opportunity. Chancellor Scholz must now show courage to support this initiative!”

At the same time as these instances of transformation occur, the danger and damage toll are intensifying from the continued strife in Ukraine and also from other hotspots. For example, just look at the number of warships from many nations in the Mediterranean, described as so crowded a marine traffic jam, that an “accident” could happen at any time, sparking all-out war.

Another example: look at the down-spiraling economy in Europe. At some point soon, the situation will devolve into complete dysfunction. This week the world’s biggest chemical firm, BASF, based in Germany, announced a major contraction, of 2,600 job losses, and a drastic reduction in output capacity, including of fertilizer and agro-chemicals. According to the insane green ideology, chemicals are “bad” for you anyway.

The response of reason and morality is to face the situation and take action. An immediate case in point is the emergency in Syria, where, because of sanctions and related warfare policies, millions are suffering, made terribly worse from the earthquakes. U.S. forces still occupy parts of the nation, concentrated in the east, in the oil and wheat areas. In the U.S. House of Representatives a bill was introduced Feb. 22 by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to get the U.S. troops out of Syria. Most Americans don’t even know there are U.S. forces in Syria, the blackout in service of Global NATO is so severe.

There are 15 days in which the Gaetz bill, called a “War Powers Resolution,” which is a privileged measure, must be voted upon, from the time it was introduced. If it is voted up, the Biden Administration has 18 days in which to implement the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Media estimate there may be some 900 American service personnel in Syria.

Overall, the mood from today’s rallies in Europe shows that the momentum will grow to take action on this and all the action pending to stop the Global NATO tyranny. We are seeing a long-sought break for the better for humanity!

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