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A Week of Changes

Feb. 26, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The past week has been a week of changes, both in NATO-land and in the world’s new Eurasian center of power. Anti-war rallies in the United States and Europe bookended the week. LaRouche movement interventions into the U.S. Congress, the issue of Syrian sanctions, and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline gave added force and direction to the campaign for a new paradigm in the world. China denounced, with new pungency, what that nation sees as U.S. hegemony, while putting forward its own vision for a comprehensive new paradigm—the Global Security Initiative—with specific application to the anti-Russia conflict unfolding on the present (and past?) territory of Ukraine.

What further developments are portended? The U.S.-U.K.-NATO apparatus is doing everything they can to prevent any opposition to their preferred “rules-based order,” but they are losing.

The UN General Assembly vote demanding Russia withdraw from Ukraine saw abstentions and “no” votes from countries encompassing half the human population—including Russia, China, India and Pakistan. The Global South has made it clear repeatedly that they will not be dragged into supporting war against Russia.

And now, with the millions of people involved in rallies in NATO nations over the past weeks, the oligarchy are losing their own populations as well. What to do? In Germany, pro-war politicians like Habeck find themselves calling for investigations of the leaders of the pro-peace demonstrations, as though only nefarious motives could induce anyone to support an end to war. This goes hand in hand with the promotion of supposedly anti-disinformation policies and laws, which, whatever the intent of those sponsoring them, would have the effect of allowing governments to declare what is true and what is false.

If the people of NATO-land can overcome the drive for war, then there is a chance for a peaceful future of rapid development and growth. The Foreign Ministers of Russia, Syria, Turkiye, and Iran are preparing to meet. A major hydroelectric dam in Pakistan has celebrated a major milestone in its construction. Nearly a decade of work on Jing-Jin-Ji integration in the region of China’s capital, Beijing, is blossoming in the form of connectivity, economic growth, and cleaner air. We have so much to do!

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