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Hungarian Ruling Parties Reiterate Urgency for Diplomacy in Ukraine

March 3, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—The Hungarian ruling parties Fidesz and Christian Democrats submitted a draft peace proposal for the Ukraine war into Hungary’s Parliament on March 2. Such a peace could save thousands of lives, they state, whereas the continued delivery of weapons could lead to a Third World War. The proposal condemns the Russian military operation and recognizes the Ukrainian right of self-defense; it also points out that the EU/NATO sanctions have not brought Russia “to its knees,” but instead have created increasing fuel prices that have only damaged Europe in a dramatic way. Inside Ukraine, many ethnic Hungarians have been conscripted into the military, and have lost their lives, whereas the Kiev regime denies them the right to speak their language.

In general elections in April 2022, Hungarians massively expressed their support for peace discussion and the cessation of arms deliveries by EU and NATO countries. Hungary has refused to supply lethal aid to Ukraine.

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